New Cash Free Ways To Pay

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives including the way we pay for goods and services. Since I’ve re-opened, many people have paid me with cash and commented that it’s the first time they’ve handled money in a long time. Even before the pandemic, Britain was on course to become a cashless society within the next 10 years. Now, with the possibility of coronavirus transmission via cash transactions, it seems likely to happen even sooner. With this in mind, I’ve introduced several new cash free ways to pay for your treatment.


PayPal is probably the simplest cash free way to pay electronically. Once you’ve signed up, you can make a payment using either my phone number or email address as a reference. No need for bank details. If you don’t already have an account, PayPal are currently offering a fantastic deal where they will give you £10 if you sign up and spend over £5. To claim this offer, I’ll need to send you a referral link, so message me in advance of your appointment and I’ll forward you the details.


Revolut is a super-convenient cash free way to pay for not only a massage with me, but pretty much anything globally! It’s especially useful if you’re visiting me from abroad (or traveling internationally) because it will allow you to make a payment in a different currency without incurring the usual transaction fees imposed by most banks. You’ll also get a great exchange rate too. Currently residents in the EEC, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland can apply for a Revolut account now. More countries will be added in the future. The mobile app is a breeze to use and has some nifty extra features such as allowing you to split bills with friends and family or even use cryptocurrency.

Instant Bank Transfers

Not a new way to pay but worth mentioning here that they are still accepted!

Should I take card payments in the future?

While I’ve considered investing in a card terminal, the transaction fees of around 3% have always put me off. This would add roughly £2 per hour of massage time to the cost of an appointment. However, if enough people express an interest in paying this way over the other options available then I’ll purchase a reader.

For my current price list, click here