Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage is an excellent choice for relieving everyday stress and tension. It’s the classic Western style of bodywork and one of the world’s most popular. You’ll find it offered in almost every spa or therapy room in the world and I use Swedish massage techniques as part of every therapy that I offer.

Swedish massage is normally a full body treatment, although what’s included or excluded can be tailored accordingly. It’s given while the recipient lies on a massage table using oil applied directly to the skin to assist with muscle manipulation. The therapist uses their hands and forearms in a wide variety of strokes. These range from light, long and flowing movements across large areas of the body to more intense kneading of specific muscles. Swedish massage can be gentle and calming and / or vigorous and energising, depending on the client’s preference. The common aim is to relieve tension in order to promote relaxation.

Prior to taking a Swedish massage with me, there will be time beforehand to discuss your exact requirements such as areas for me to focus on or avoid. There will also be opportunities throughout the treatment for you to adjust the level of pressure to suit your needs.

My favourite medium to work with is fractionated coconut oil. I use this for the majority of my treatments for multiple reasons. It’s extremely light in texture and therefore doesn’t feel sticky when left on the skin. It has little or no scent. It doesn’t block the pores. Plus it’s full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and omega acids.

While it’s possible to complete a treatment using only Swedish massage techniques, I prefer to use them in conjunction with Deep Tissue Massage.