Gay Massage In London

gay massage london

A quick google search for ‘gay massage in London’ or ‘male massage in London’ will give you a plethora of results. With an vast array of male masseurs on offer, choosing the right therapist can be a daunting process.

Unfortunately many independent masseurs, particularly those targeting the gay massage market, have little or no training in massage. The UK massage industry has no compulsory regulation meaning anyone can advertise as a masseur. Most websites for gay-friendly massage don’t ask to see the credentials of their advertisers. Very few differentiate between masseurs with qualifications and those without. Consequently many male escorts advertise on gay massage websites. This is fine if you’re looking for a quick rub down followed by sex on a massage table. However, if you’re searching for a real massage it makes things even more confusing.

In order to distance themselves from the sexual side of the massage industry many spas and therapy rooms take a very clinical approach to massage. The first thing an aspiring therapist is taught at massage school (speaking from my own experience) is proper draping techniques. This involves keeping a client covered in towels from the neck down. Only the area of the body being worked on is exposed, then covered again when finished before moving on to the next body part. The recipient’s underwear remains on for the duration of the treatment. Anywhere remotely erogenous, including the gluteals (buttocks) and inner thighs are to be avoided in case the unspeakable happens: visible arousal.

Male Massage at Massage 4 London

Massage 4 London is different. I’m qualified in both Swedish / Holistic massage and Deep Tissue / advanced techniques with internationally recognised certification. Additionally, I have over 12 years experience so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Despite the title of this page, my services are open to all men: gay, straight, bi, pan or however you’d like to identify yourself.

Even though I don’t offer the sexual services of an escort, I also don’t adhere to the clinical approach taken by many spas. By its very nature, massage is an intimate experience and I feel that a good connection between masseur and client is essential in order to achieve the best results. I will therefore leave decisions regarding draping to you and what you’re most comfortable with. Underwear on or off, towel covering or full naturist are all options that are fine for me.

As for unexpected arousal, this is not a matter of concern or embarrassment. I’m a man and know that sometimes these things are beyond our control. In my experience as a masseur I also realise it can happen to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. So should it occur, don’t worry about it – I won’t.

At Massage 4 London, I aim to create an environment free from judgment, a safe space for your total relaxation.