Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a corrective and therapeutic form of bodywork. As the name suggests, it works deep into the muscle fibers to ease tightness, release adhesions and relieve pain. Strokes are slow and pressure is commonly directed at specific areas of tension. Some techniques require the client’s active participation, such as deep breathing or stretching (so it’s best not to fall asleep!), although these are always optional.

The aim is to loosen muscle tissue and release built up toxins in areas of chronic tension. This will allow the circulation to flow freely and the muscle to function effectively again. The majority of clients find deep tissue massage techniques are particularly effective for releasing tension in the upper back and shoulders.

Deep tissue massage should never feel uncomfortable. However, the beneficiary will undoubtably experience what I would call a ‘sweet pain’ at some point during the session. This is a sensation that may hurt a little but will instinctively feel like it’s doing good. None the less, as in any massage, you the client are in control. I will take your lead and always work within the boundaries of your comfort zone. So if something hurts a little too much, just say so. There are no prizes for machismo when it comes to massage!