Male Massage: A Guide To Massage Etiquette

Whether you’re completely new to male massage or take regular treatments, this massage etiquette guide is intended to help you get the most out of your session with me. It’s not a rule book so please don’t feel that it has to be followed to the letter. My intention is to let you know how I like to work and what I need from you in order to give the best possible treatment.

For those of you feeling a little nervous about your first massage with me, I encourage you to read on. Hopefully, by knowing what to expect and how to act, this massage etiquette guide will help quell your anxiety and allow you to relax a little easier when we meet.

First Contact

In your initial message to me, please be as clear as possible about what you’re looking for. In order to confirm an appointment I’ll need to know:

  • When you’d like to book. Please specify a day and time (or times) that work for you.
  • How long you’d like to book in for. I offer 1 hr, 90 mins and 2 hr appointments.
  • What type of massage you’d like. Try to avoid vague terms like ‘full body massage’ or ‘relaxing massage’. Instead use more specific terms like ‘Swedish massage’, ‘Deep Tissue massage’ or ‘Sensual massage’.
  • Your name.
  • Where you found my details. This one is optional but it’s always helpful for me. Third party website? Directly via my own website? A friend’s recommendation? If the latter, please give me their name. They’ll receive a little ‘thank you’ from me on their next visit, usually in the form of a discount or some extra massage time.

If you can cover all five points in your initial message (ideally by WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS or email) then we’re off to a fantastic start!

Should you prefer to call me to book, please be aware that I don’t answer withheld numbers. If you can only use a withheld number, please leave a message and a number that I can call you back on. If you prefer not to give out a number, please contact me via email instead.

Like Clockwork

Please arrive at the time of your appointment (a minute or two early is fine). If you find that you’re in my neighbourhood sooner than expected, please text me to see if I’m ready. Please don’t ring my doorbell as I may still be with another client.

Clean As A Whistle

Massage is an intimate experience and we will be in close contact for an hour or more. I will be freshly showered, wearing deodorant but not aftershave / perfume. It would be most appreciated if you could wash prior to your massage. Please ask to take a shower on arrival if you weren’t able to before. The massage will be far more enjoyable for both of us this way. If you think that a shower isn’t necessary but would like a quick freshen up, there are washcloths in the bathroom. You’ll also find some fresh breath spray there too.

Gents’ Scent

Deodorant is appreciated, however please refrain from wearing aftershave or perfume. My massage room will be fragranced with natural essential oils specifically chosen to help you relax. Allow yourself time to enjoy these rather than an artificial scent. If you wish to apply fragrance after your massage, please do so in my bathroom and not in the massage room.

Tailoring Your Treatment

On arrival, we’ll have a chat about the main purpose of your massage. Some people come to see me with a specific problem (or list of problems) which is great. Others prefer to leave it up to me to discover any issues. This latter approach is fine in a longer session but it’s always helpful if you can point me in the right direction, especially when time is limited. So before your appointment, take a moment to tune into your body and become aware of which areas are feeling tight or sore. I can then address these problems effectively in the time that we have.
If there are areas that you’d like me to avoid or be careful of, this is the time to tell me.

Clothing Optional

What you wear for the massage is your call. I leave a towel on the massage table and most men choose to take all clothing off and then cover themselves with this towel. If you prefer to keep your underwear on that’s fine too. I will need to adjust it when I work on your buttocks and upper thigh region which can be a little fiddly, particularly if you’re wearing boxers. Alternatively if you prefer to be completely naked without any covering that’s not a problem. If you’re comfortable, I’m comfortable.

Switch Off

Unless you need to take a call during your massage, be sure to put your phone on silent and turn the vibrate off (many people forget this last part!)

And So It Begins

After giving you some space to get undressed and onto the table, I will return to the room and begin the massage. While working I will generally check a couple of times to see if the pressure is right and that you’re okay. Otherwise I’ll leave you in peace to enjoy the experience. Feel free to speak up at any point if you feel uncomfortable with anything that I’m doing. If you need me to adjust the heat, light or music, just ask. If you’d like a bathroom break the best time to go is when I ask you to turn over.

At The End

Once your massage is over, I’ll offer you a drink and give you some space to get dressed again. If you’ve not paid prior to the massage, you can pay me before leaving (cash or instant bank transfer). Tipping is at your discretion. It’s never expected but always appreciated.

Your feedback is very important to me. I take great pride in my work and your satisfaction is paramount. If there’s anything I can do to improve the service that I offer then please let me know. You can tell me at the time of your appointment or in a message after.

If you enjoyed your massage then please let others know too. Check in on Facebook, tweet @ChrisTheMasseur, tell your friends about me or add a review to my Google business profile ‘Male Massage 4 London‘.

Ready to book? Call or text me on 07952 757652. Still got some questions? Check out my FAQ page here.

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