Clapham Massage Studio: Upgrades & Improvements

I strive to offer the best male massage service in London. To achieve this I’m always looking at ways to make your experience at my Clapham massage studio more relaxing and enjoyable. Evidently the massage itself plays a big part in this, but so does the environment it takes place in. So far this year I’ve made several upgrades to my massage studio worth shouting about.


Technically the first upgrade took place last year but I didn’t get around to posting about it at the time. However, it’s certainly worth mentioning as it’s already proved to be extremely popular. I’ve always used a heated massage table, but this winter I decided it was time to give my table warmer an upgrade. My new warmer covers the full width and length of the table, with additional heating elements at the foot end for extra warmth. It offers 4 different temperatures which can be adjusted via the control on the left hand table leg. It’s made of a soft, fluffy fleece so even when it’s not on, it’s still super cozy.


Speaking of soft and fluffy, I’ve upgraded my towels to the softest, thickest and fluffiest towels I’ve ever felt. They’re from Sheridan’s ‘Luxury Retreat’ range which has to be the most appropriate name for use in my massage studio. They’re made with finely spun 100% Turkish cotton pile yarns for superior softness. I offer these towels for both draping and showering purposes. Additionally I use a smaller size to pad my massage table’s face cradle for some extra comfort there too.


Lastly, I’ve added a new sound system to my massage room and the upgrade in sound quality is distinct, even at a low volume. My background music now sounds more detailed and immersive than ever before. I love it and hope you will too! I’ve curated a relaxing chill-out playlist, but if you prefer to choose your own music just let me know. If it’s on Spotify, I can play it! My new speakers are also equipped with Bluetooth. So if you have music on your own Bluetooth enabled device, I can play that too.

I hope you enjoy these improvements to my Clapham massage studio on your next visit. If you have any further suggestions on ways to improve my male massage service, then I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line here:

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