Coronavirus Safety Measures

With the current relaxation of lockdown rules, massage therapy is finally back on the table (pun intended). Consequently I’m very happy to announce that Massage 4 London is now open for business. Going forward, I will try to keep things as ‘back to normal’ as possible. However, to help prevent a coronavirus resurgence, these are the new safety measures in place at my Clapham massage studio.

I’ve introduced the following cleaning and good hygiene procedures for everyone’s safety and peace of mind:

    • All high touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised before and after each massage
    • The massage room will be well ventilated with an open window / door and fan on to keep fresh air circulating
    • Non-essential soft furnishings have been removed and replaced
    • Single use hand towels are now available in the bathroom

Should you wish to limit face to face conversation, I can take pre-massage consultations in advance over the phone or by sms. If you prefer a consultation in person at the time of your booking, please remember to talk at a safe distance (1 metre +).

By law face coverings must now be worn in any indoor premise offering personal care, unless there is either a reasonable excuse for removing it or the person is medically exempt from wearing one. While I strongly encourage everyone to wear a face covering when possible, I also feel this decision is ultimately a personal choice. Consequently, I am still happy to give a massage to anyone who choses not to wear one for part or all of their appointment.

On the day of your appointment:

Please confirm that you are feeling fit enough to have a massage. If you’re suffering from any known coronavirus symptoms such as:

  • a new, continuous cough
  • an elevated temperature
  • a loss or change in your sense of taste or smell

then please postpone or cancel your appointment. Cancellation fees will be waived under these circumstances.

On arrival:

Please switch your phone to silent and leave it in your pocket for the duration of the massage. If you need to handle your phone during your time with me, please wash your hands afterwards or use hand sanitiser.

Remove your shoes before entering my apartment and carry them inside for storage. 

Wash your hands for 30 seconds following the guidelines in this video. Pay special attention to the area around the fingernails. Be sure to include your wrists, back of the hands and between the fingers.

Allow me to operate doors and light switches where possible.

Shower facilities are still available. Please let me know in advance should they be required to ensure they are sanitised before your arrival.

If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue and dispose of it immediately.

Hand sanitiser is available on request.

Content of the massage remains the same for the most part. However, face treatments are currently not permitted, unfortunately.

I’m still accepting cash payments. If you prefer to pay at the start of your appointment, please wash your hands after handling the money. Alternatively you can wait until the end of the appointment to settle up. You can also pay by direct bank transfer, Paypal or Revolut.

Please let me know if there are any other coronavirus safety measures that you would like me to add in order to keep you safe during your time with me. Your good health is my top priority.

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