Coronavirus and Massage: Staying Safe During Your Treatment

The Coronavirus pandemic has overtaken Harry & Meghan, Brexit and even the weather as the UK’s primary preoccupation at the moment – and rightly so. As Italy, along with other countries, enforce a nationwide lockdown and panic buyers clear the shelves of basic goods worldwide, todays hot topic is what will happen in the U.K. going forward and to what extent should we be concerned?

Its clear that we all need to take responsible measures now to control Coronavirus and limit its spread. Touching contaminated surfaces such as a person’s hand or a door handle and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes is considered to be the primary route of transmission. Given that massage requires close physical contact utilising the hands for an extended period of time it could be considered risky. However, by implementing the following good hygiene practices it’s possible to stay safe, prevent transmission and still enjoy a massage.

Coronavirus: My Safety Procedures

Hand Washing

This is the number one way to prevent contamination. I’m now taking extra care when washing my hands, wrists and arms.  I’ve always washed them before and after each massage but now I’m taking longer and being extra thorough, cleaning for the advised 30 seconds. As an extra precaution, I am also using an alcohol based hand sanitiser directly before starting each massage.

Sanitising My Workspace

I’ve also stepped up my cleaning routine in and around my massage room and bathroom. As always, I use fresh massage towels and linen for each client. Between every appointment I am now sanitising pretty much everywhere that I touch or a client would touch. This includes my phone, oil dispensers, door handles, taps and light switches. I am changing the communal hand towel in my bathroom on a daily basis and will shortly replace it with single use hand towels. Please drop them in the small wicker laundry basket after use.

Face Massages by Request Only

Generally I don’t include a face massage in shorter session as I believe time is better spent elsewhere. Given the manner in which Coronavirus is transmitted, I’m now excluding the face in longer session too. However, if you would still like me to include it, just ask. I can apply sanitiser to my hands directly before touching your face to make it more safe.

Safety Procedures for Clients to Take

Leave Your Phone Alone

Mobile phones are generally one of the dirtiest items that we own. In one study, researchers discovered that phones carry 10 times the number of bacteria than the average toilet seat. Therefore, it’s important to clean your phone on a daily basis. On arrival at my massage studio, please switch your phone to silent and then leave it in your pocket or bag until the end of the massage. Should you need to touch your phone during your session with me, please wash or sanitise your hands afterwards.

Wash Your Hands on Arrival

As mentioned previously, a thorough hand wash is the best way to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Watching this video on hand washing certainly taught me a thing or two. An effective hand wash should:

  • Last for around 30 seconds
  • Pay special attention to the areas between the fingers and around the nails
  • Include the back of the hands and wrists
  • Finally, to prevent cross contamination, turn a tap off with your elbow where possible, or with a single use towel / piece of tissue paper if using your hands

If You’re Feeling Unwell, Stay at Home

It can be frustrating for me when a client cancels an appointment, especially at the last minute. However, if you’re displaying any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, it’s important for you to postpone or cancel your booking. I’m happy to waive my standard cancellations fees under these circumstances. All I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible so that I may offer your appointment time to someone else.

If there’s anything else that you would like me to do in order to keep you safe during your time with me then please let me know. Together we can stay healthy and beat this!

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