• massage during lockdown Massage During Lockdown

    With England now in its third lockdown, you may be wondering if it’s still possible to receive a massage at this time. The short answer is “YES!”. However, there are some important caveats concerning massage during lockdown. 

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  • cash free ways to pay New Cash Free Ways To Pay

    The Covid 19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives including the way we pay for goods and services. Since I’ve re-opened, many people have paid me with cash and commented that it’s the first time they’ve handled money in a long time. Even before the pandemic, Britain was on course to become a cashless society within the next 10 years. Now, with the possibility of coronavirus transmission via cash transactions, it seems likely to happen even sooner. With this in mind, I’ve introduced several new cash free ways to pay for your treatment. Continue Reading
  • coronavirus: new safety procedures Coronavirus Safety Measures

    With Covid 19 seemingly here to stay for a while, I’ve introduced the following Coronavirus safety measures at my Clapham massage studio.

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  • London's best male massage London’s best male massage? Write a review and receive a free aromatherapy candle (worth £30)

    Do you think that I offer London’s best male massage? I certainly try to! Judging by the number of clients that return to see me each week, it seems that at least some people out there would agree. If you believe that I offer one of London’s best male massage services or maybe even London’s best male massage outright, now is the time to let others know! Continue Reading

  • Male Massage in London Clapham Massage Studio: Upgrades & Improvements

    I strive to offer the best male massage service in London. To achieve this I’m always looking at ways to make your experience at my Clapham massage studio more relaxing and enjoyable. Evidently the massage itself plays a big part in this, but so does the environment it takes place in. So far this year I’ve made several upgrades to my massage studio worth shouting about.

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  • Gay Massage, Signature Aromatherapy Massage Oil, Male Massage My New Signature Aromatherapy Massage Oil Is Here! Come & Try It!

    I have always been a fan of essential oils. I bought my first (Rosewood) as a teenager and I’ve been using essential oils for aromatherapy ever since. Today I like to fragrance my massage studio with a blend of essential oils before every treatment. Inhaling the essential oils helps to promote a feeling of relaxation and well being even before the massage has begun. Working with aromatherapy massage oil takes this one step further. Now you can benefit from the oils not only by inhalation but also by absorption through the surface of the skin.

    My signature aromatherapy massage oil contains a synergistic blend of massage oils and essential oils. It is formulated to help nourish the skin, relax the body and calm the mind. Made from 100% pure and natural oil. No preservatives, chemicals or dispersants. Created for me by a trusted aromatherapy company in Surrey.

    The fragrance has clean, fresh and floral top notes with peppery, herbaceous and woody undertones. It’s well balanced and wonderfully aromatic.

    So what’s in it?

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  • A Guide to Massage Etiquette Male Massage: A Guide To Massage Etiquette

    Whether you’re completely new to male massage or take regular treatments, this massage etiquette guide is intended to help you get the most out of your session with me. It’s not a rule book so please don’t feel that it has to be followed to the letter. My intention is to let you know how I like to work and what I need from you in order to give the best possible treatment.

    For those of you feeling a little nervous about your first massage with me, I encourage you to read on. Hopefully, by knowing what to expect and how to act, this massage etiquette guide will help quell your anxiety and allow you to relax a little easier when we meet.

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